Converter for DigiMemo for Linux/MacOS X/BSD/…

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The DigiMemo can be used for the digitalisation for normal writings. Everything you write with standard leads on standard paper will be digitally collected, stored and later transferred to your computer. As transfer format an internal file format called INK file is used. This format can be converted by our tool to postscript or PDF files. This way you can use your DigiMemo under Linux, Mac OS X or a BSD system.


The usage of the converter is really simple. Just download the actual version of it and save the skript on your machine. To create PDF files instead of PS files also add a symlink called dwh2pdf. For creating PDF files ps2pdf will be needed.


Now connect your DigiMemo to your computer. You can copy all files from it like from a USB memory stick. These files can be converted calling: page_001.dwh page_002.dwh
All given files will be converted to PS. Just use the symlink or the parameter –pdf to create PDF files instead.


Actual Version of the DigiMemo Converter for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and BSD:

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